X2TEK  FILE LINE EDITING PROGRAMS

     The programs were created for editing program source code files.   Until recently I saw no need for these very simple line editors because I was perfectly content to use a commercially available file editing utility.   This all changed when I discovered that my favorite file editor would not run on my W7x64 test platform or on a FreeDOS bootup system which can be useful for changing FAT32 files when WINDOWS will not start up.  These primitive line editors are sort of like the old MSDOS program EDLIN.EXE except that they have action selection menus with some additional file processing capabilities.  Unlike  some other utilities , my X2TEK line editing programs can always display or print the sequence #'s of program code lines which I find to be a very desirable feature.  They can also edit html code web files and files containing embedded end of file (dec code 026) and null (code 000) characters which may be a little bit unique.     
     I built these file editing utility programs  as fast as possible by incorporating the limited line editing  capabilities of X2SECDAT and X1SECDAT into programs with some additional enhancements like multiple line moves, multiple line copies,  character code # entry, and character string replacements.       

  DOWNLOAD FILE EDITING PROGRAM X2LEDIT        (tested on W98, WXP, VISTA  HPR,  W7x32 & W10x64)

  DOWNLOAD FILE EDITING PROGRAM  X1LEDIT         (tested on DOS 3.3, 4.01, 5.0, 6.22, & FreeDOS)